“Creativity is intelligence having fun!”

Albert Einstein

Tutoring Art

Our goal is to help anyone interested in art to develop their skill-set, as well as assist the artist community by expanding their relationship with art.

We appreciate the experimental aspect of multidisciplinary art. Through studio sessions, Vivian Davis is enthusiastically teaching new artists, exposing them to different processes, and helping them find their niche.

Art is a form of expression that inspires creativity. It can be therapeutic and can aid us in understanding other cultures and perspectives. Since 2009, Vivian has been offering professional instruction in a variety of mediums for groups and individuals. Our in-person classes take place in our working-artist studio at the D’Art Center in Norfolk, Virginia and we also provide online art tutorials for beginners and beyond.

Let us inspire your right brain!

Our Classes

Painting Fundraisers

Fundraising painting sessions run just like a standard event: a 2-3 hour session in which we provide all the materials.  You set the price, choose the venue and the featured painting of the day/evening.

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