"Every child is an artist – the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso

Vivian Davis

Vivian Davis can be described as an art power; always seeking her next art adventure, pushing boundaries, and trying new and unique things.

An artist for more than 25 years, Vivian relishes in the experimental aspect of multidisciplinary art, and her forms of expression range from painting scenic backgrounds for theaters to mixed media sculptural painting to painting with wine. While she is well-versed in a variety of mediums, her focus is on acrylic and mixed media painting. Vivian has received multiple awards for her live edge wood pieces and pyrography work, and further recognition has been issued for several large sculptures crafted from recycled materials and foam. As a professional artist, Vivian shares in her creative process by offering art commissions, and a selection of her work is available to purchase.

Vivian was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban immigrants and moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her family at a young age. She spent much of her childhood drawing and painting, which eventually lead to her studying at the Atlanta College of Art.

During her time as a student, she worked as a scenic painter and graphic artist. Ultimately, Vivian went on to work in scenic theater and video production, which gave her the opportunity to work with a variety of materials and forms of art. In 1993, while dabbling in the early stages of video animation, she won a Southern Regional Emmy Award for a computer animation title in the PBS documentary Southern Bases.

Completely changing her course, Vivian eventually moved on to financial sales and marketing. Through public speaking and demonstrations, Vivian’s experience as an instructor in this field led to her passion for teaching. In 2007, she left the financial world in order to devote more time to her family and returned to working as a professional artist and tutor.

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In 2008, she went on to found the arts program with the Freedom Area Recreational Council (FARC) in Carroll County, Maryland. Prior to relocating to Virginia, she additionally founded the Sykesville Painting Club where she continues to serve as president. With over 100 professional artists, the club’s goal is to provide growing and experienced artists of all ages the benefit of learning from other artists. The Sykesville Painting Club hosts regular events, and offers a variety of workshops and instructional classes.

In 2009, Tutoring Art was born, which serves to offer art education to groups and individuals of all skill levels. Vivian brings instruction and fun to students through an assortment of art studio sessions. Vivian’s passion for art education is unquestionable, and she enjoys helping new artists get started and facilitating their ability to find their niche and try different things. Vivian finds purpose not only in the creation of art but in the experience of the creation of art.

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Today, Vivian is a resident artist and established program instructor at D’Art Center in Norfolk, Virginia. Vivian also serves as the President of the Chesapeake Bay Art Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1961 that raises money for students pursuing art degrees.

Additionally, she devotes time to community outreach through art activities and events. Her work with Tidewater Arts Outreach is designed to bring creative opportunities to older adults and those living in isolating circumstances. Such programs play a vital role in the community and improve the well-being of participants. Furthermore, Vivian’s involvement in public art pieces has the power to educate, enlighten, and provide a sense of community.