Vivian Davis is a multidisciplinary artist, advocate, presenter, and art instructor who traverses the disciplines of illustration, painting, installation, and sculpture.

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Vivian treasures the freedom she has found experimenting with a variety of mediums and styles. She takes delight in activities that combine different artforms and has a fancy for sculptural art. Although she enjoys such diversity, her center is on mixed media and acrylic painting.

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Tutoring Art

Tutoring Art is in the forefront of a movement to educate, enlighten and encourage artists of all ages. As an art advocate and highly regarded instructor, Vivian aspires for her students to create in traditional and non traditional mediums. She offers professional instruction to individuals and groups of all skill levels both in-person and online, and her classes are designed to inspire creativity and self-expression.

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Community Projects

Vivian supports the goal of building community through a variety of public art and programs. She believes that art plays a vital role in the community, as it can educate and foster an understanding of other cultures and perspectives.

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Vivian is not only a resident artist at D’Art Center, a working artist studio in Norfolk, VA. but also a professional who offers art commissions to fit any need.

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